Medsonic version 1.5 is now live with killer features!

Medsonic is a medical/drug reference application. Version 1.5 adds speech recognition and text to speech conversion of drug details. A critical bug related to user registrations outside of USA and UK has also been fixed. Medsonic provides Adult and Pediatric dosages, Side Effects, Drug Interactions
[Classified into Major, Moderate, Minor, Alcohol and Food, Disease], Black Box warnings etc. Medsonic also has a Pill reminder module that can set up multiple drug schedules in a flexible way. The Interaction Checker module provides comprehensive drug interactions with an intuitive interface.

It features:

  • Tap the mic icon and say the drug name for voice enabled search
  • Hit play in drug details and let your smartphone dictate the drug monograph
  • Customizable Interaction checker module
  • Pill Reminders
  • General Drug Information
  • Adult Dosage
  • Pediatric Dosage
  • Side Effects
  • Drug Interaction
  • Blackbox Warning
  • Pill Pictures

The app has a trial feature. The app has a subscription feature for some of the premium modules like “Interaction Checker”.

Future enhancements include, Drug Cost, Formulary Data, Medical News etc..
Download here.


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